Lisbon trip with Fuji X100T

I've heard this many times before, Lisbon is one of the best cities for Street photography and I agree! I witnessed the beautiful light and friendly people during my visit and I am lucky to have many good photographer friends that lives in Lisbon. We walked for miles in the hot sun, it was 42° but … Continue reading Lisbon trip with Fuji X100T


Various lens for Street Photography (My journey)

I remember when I started Street photography, I used a zoom lens 18-200mm and a kit lens. Yes the zoom lens was heavy to carry around. The good thing in using a zoom lens in learning Street photography,  I was able to visualise seeing something  unusual, I was a learner then (I still am now).  … Continue reading Various lens for Street Photography (My journey)

My visit to Madrid with Fuji X100T

This is our second time we have visited Madrid, but this time I've done so many things during our 4 days visit. After nearly 2 years using Fuji X100T I finally feel confident using this camera for the whole Madrid visit. Our first day, we went strolling around the local area enjoying some beers and … Continue reading My visit to Madrid with Fuji X100T