New to Fuji X100T?

I know there are many blogs out there about this specific camera but my one is special, why? because I am using this camera to death in order to understand it inside out. This camera is amazing for Street Photographer. But, only if you have the passion. This blog is 100% based on my experience. Read along if you are interested, or you can stop here.


Why I bought this camera? To be honest, I tried this camera only for one day whilst I was helping Matt Hart doing his Street Photography workshop in Edinburgh in 2014. I fell in love with the camera straight away. My impression when I had this camera in my hand was, it was small and fitted perfectly in my hand, smart looking and has a vintage feels.

Why I don’t mention Fuji X100, or Fuji X100S? Because I never try them. Fuji X100T is the only one I am using so far, that’s the reason I keep mentioning Fuji X100T.
I know there are a lot of Street Photographers using this camera, but most of them are capturing the “still subjects” or from “a distance”. I like to get closer to my subject.


I was almost gave up using this camera because I felt like I was getting nowhere but hey they said “Practise makes perfect”. I  have stuck with this camera and never give up.

This camera is a real challenge, you might think that you have to change your style in order to use this camera. My advise is: “Never change your style!” because it’s you, why would you change it for any camera?


In early years of using this camera I surfed a lot of information on You tube and some blogs, some of them saying bad thing about this camera, please don’t listen to them. Trust yourself that you can do it! (If I can do it, I am sure you can too!).

untitled (97 of 122)

I know some of you getting this camera as a present for Christmas, Valentine, Mother’s day, Father’s day, Birthday or you are one of the lucky person that can afford buying this camera because you can. Well, I got this camera for my 44th Birthday!


The list below are my experience that I like to share it with you as a new users:

  • Battery doesn’t last long. Indeed, the solution is buying extra batteries. I have 5 extras that I keep in my camera bag, don’t forget to charge them after used.
  • Buy extra charger. I have 2, it’s handy when you travel away to keep your mind in peace, otherwise you are going to be anxious during the night thinking of the empty batteries for the next day adventure.
  • Distortion. This has something to do with the camera setting, I am advising you to find the answer by googling it, so you don’t skip the process of understanding this camera. Trust me, when you try to find an answer by reading other Photographers experience, you never waste your time!
  • The focusing is pain the back side. I agree completely, but there is a way to deal with it and please study more about “Exposure”.
  • This is very important, the instruction that comes with the box is only basic but there is a short course: Fuji X100T, don’t forget to print them out and keep them handy.
  • Take as much time as you need to study this camera, there is no rush.
  • Look out for some Photographers that using the same camera and study their work.
  • This camera produces good images but only if you understand it completely.

There are more list that I like to share with you, but I will write another blog in near future.

In the meantime, I wish you all prosperous 2018. Good luck to your new adventure with Fuji X100T!



3 thoughts on “New to Fuji X100T?

  1. Hi, I really like your style, great B&W!
    in this post you mentioned the autofocus limitations of the x100t; I have just bought one but I have zero experience with it . Any suggestion that could improve its speed?


      1. Hi, thanks again for the video. However, here you are explaining how to use manual exposure that is not necesssarily the fastest mode for streetph.; do you go through ISO/Shutter/Aperture every time you have to shoot a picture? it works for me too, but not on the streets as I need to be very responsive and this process takes at least 15seconds, if I am looking fro candid shots it would be very hard.
        With my Ricoh GR I set the shutter on 250, the aperture on F-8 or 11 and I let the camera decide the ISO up to 3200. The ricoh, has a special mode for these settings that is called TAv; unfortunately we don’t have anything like that on the fuji x100t; my understanding is that you can set a min hutter speed = 125 (more on x100f) but on the streets is often not enough, especially if you shoot very close to the subjects like I do. Same is for the autofocus. What do you do with the fuji? with my ricoh I just set the hyperfocal distance on 2m and I override the autofocus entirely.
        Thanks for your advice!


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