Edinburgh PhotoWalk 18th November, 2017.

This is my 3rd Edinburgh Photowalk, unlike previous ones, from now on, my Photowalk will focus on Street Photography only. The theme for this photowalk is "shadows", unfortunately the sun appeared in the morning before we started the Photowalk and reappeared 30 minutes before the walk ended, luckily me and Pamela were at the right … Continue reading Edinburgh PhotoWalk 18th November, 2017.


Flash on!

I'm craving for a new technique in Street Photography,  after searching for some tips and tricks online, I decided to try using a flash. I'm not familiar with using a flash and my intention was to use the EF X20, but for some reason it took too long to switch on and I didn't have … Continue reading Flash on!

Various lens for Street Photography (My journey)

I remember when I started Street photography, I used a zoom lens 18-200mm and a kit lens. Yes the zoom lens was heavy to carry around. The good thing in using a zoom lens in learning Street photography,  I was able to visualise seeing something  unusual, I was a learner then (I still am now).  … Continue reading Various lens for Street Photography (My journey)