Fuji X100T with TCL X100

From my last blog I mentioned using TCL X100, but first let me tell you this: I’m new to Fuji systems, it has been an upside down moment during my transition from DSLR into mirrorless. This is my confession, I was so close to selling this camera but I didn’t! 

Let’s go back to  the TCL X100T, as some of you are aware the lens is bulky, but sharp! 

Here’s is some of my images taken using the Fuji X100T with the TCL X100, I don’t crop my images and I don’t use any filter.

Most of the images look really close to the subject. Sometimes when I attach this lens to the camera I wish I could have another X100 body with a 23 mm fixed lens to capture cinematic images. I can’t win, can I?




3 thoughts on “Fuji X100T with TCL X100

  1. Wonderful images !!! Do you shoot JPEGs, RAW or both?
    I love my X100T, and rarely put my TCL100 on it. Although, when I do, I like it. I usually have the X100T around my neck and an X-T10 slung on my shoulder with a 56mm f1.2. In addition to Street, I shoot candid family. So having the two focal lengths available at the same time, is very flexible.
    BTW, enjoying you blog posts.


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