It wasn't my plan until a friend sent me a message inviting me for a hot pot lunch in Glasgow. I said why not, I haven't seen them for quite a while, and I miss Glasgow for it's crowds. I need a change from Edinburgh. I arrived in Glasgow just after 10 am, I don't … Continue reading Glasgow…


My visit to Madrid with Fuji X100T

This is our second time we have visited Madrid, but this time I've done so many things during our 4 days visit. After nearly 2 years using Fuji X100T I finally feel confident using this camera for the whole Madrid visit. Our first day, we went strolling around the local area enjoying some beers and … Continue reading My visit to Madrid with Fuji X100T

Scott Kelby’s 10th Worldwide PhotoWalk – Edinburgh.

What a busy day I had, workshop in the morning then Worldwide PhotoWalk afterwards. It was fun meeting everyone and having a little chat before the PhotoWalk., Hope you guys had a lovely time, I know I did! Don't forget to donate to a charity suggested by and purchase a Tshirt for today's theme, all profits … Continue reading Scott Kelby’s 10th Worldwide PhotoWalk – Edinburgh.