Edinburgh Street Photography Workshop

  After almost a year hibernating from photography, finally I decided to get back and do more workshops. I've been busy doing my soul works since end of 2017, now I'm back doing both soul works and photography. I'd like to start with Edinburgh for next year workshop, hopefully I'll be able to expand it … Continue reading Edinburgh Street Photography Workshop


HIP Festival

I think I'm late to post this news that happened in last October. I had a tremendous time in Hull as a Photowalk leader. I was so excited that I I enjoy spending 8 hours Journey from where live to Hull. Talking about the event, I couldn't believe how I got there but I'm sure … Continue reading HIP Festival

Edinburgh Street Photowalk Nov 18, 2017.

Hi everyone I apologise for the delay in posting some of my results from the Edinburgh Photowalk in November 2017 By the way, I received some images and these three are my favourite by far, not being picky though, I like to see pictures with some effort made, a nice composition and "something" in them. Street Photography … Continue reading Edinburgh Street Photowalk Nov 18, 2017.

Edinburgh PhotoWalk 18th November, 2017.

This is my 3rd Edinburgh Photowalk, unlike previous ones, from now on, my Photowalk will focus on Street Photography only. The theme for this photowalk is "shadows", unfortunately the sun appeared in the morning before we started the Photowalk and reappeared 30 minutes before the walk ended, luckily me and Pamela were at the right … Continue reading Edinburgh PhotoWalk 18th November, 2017.